Yoga Wisdom

2446597948_51dbdf12f7_oIf you work on Yoga,

Yoga will work on you


Yoga Means Union–union of the individual soul with that of the Atman (the Divine) within. The aim of yoga is self-transformation for the purpose of self-realization. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means to join or to yoke. What we are unifying  by practicing yoga can be seen on many levels–mind and body, individual ego and the universal soul, and self-awareness with action in the world.

Yoga is not a religion. The methods of yoga–meditation, breath-control, postures, self-study, and ethical principles are all aimed at purifying the mind and body. It is by regular practice of yoga that we move closer to the goal of union with the universal, and ultimately the realization of Truth.

If you work on Yoga, Yoga will work on you (Baba Hari Dass.) By persistent and sustained effort, you can reach whatever goal you have for your yoga practice.  Each of us comes to yoga with different needs, and at different times in life. Some may simply want to be more limber. Others will want to feel open and supple physically and emotionally. And some will want  deeper states of self-knowledge and spiritual harmony. For any one of these goals, consistent practice will bring inner and outer change.

It can take years, or decades to experience the fullness of what yoga offers. Yet  practicing just one aspect of yoga, such as regular meditation, or 20 minutes of asana practice several times a week, will have benefit.

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